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Parameters CFD-Forex contracts

In these tables, you can look up the parameters of each CFD-Forex contract.

Account reporting

History, account status and all trades can be accessed directly in the trading platform.

Transfer form

WH Selfinvest S.A. is subject to Regulation (EU) 2019/2033 of the European Parliament and of the council of 27 November 2019 on the prudential requirements of investment firms. A copy of the Article 46 disclosure is available upon written request to the head office.

There is no interest on the balance of a trading account. If interest or similar charges are applied to serve an account, these charges will be passed on to the client.

Money is transferred to the account by means of a transfer to a client assets at one of our depository banks. The administrative fee is € 5. Due to legal requirements, WH SelfInvest only accepts transfers originating from a bank account in the account holder's name. Transfers from third parties, including family members, may not be accepted.

The security of your account is important. For your security, we only accept outgoing transfer instructions signed by the account holder(s). The administrative fee is € 5 for amounts < € 30,000 and 0,10% (maximum € 50) for amounts > € 30,000.

WHS reserves the right to apply an administrative charge of € 15 per quarter on client accounts which have not executed an order within the last 12 months.

A CFD commission is applied in the currency of the instrument. E.g. in € on the DAX CFD and in $ on the DOW CFD. Conversion rates are updated regularly but can vary from the spot rate at the precise time of the order.

Document changes

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Systems maintenance

Please be aware of a potential maintenance window from Friday 22:00 until Sunday 22:00. During this time the Demo and/or the Live system may not be available. The precise time and the duration of the maintenance are not known in advance and can vary.