The orderpad is for one-click orders. It contains a variety of instructions, including increasing, doubling or reversing an open position.



The unique ChartTrader can be added to any chart. The ChartTrader allows traders to place all order types (market, limit and stop) in a single click. It is also possible to link orders as OCO (one cancels other). If one order is executed, the remaining order is automatically cancelled.



The blue Tactic buttons are a way of managing open orders. They can be used for small changes in the price level of a stop or a limit order. it is also possible, for example, to directly change a fixed stop into a trailing stop order.

Tactic Orders

Watch this video: "Placing and Managing Orders"


Traders using technical indicators can rely on Tactic orders. Tactic orders converts the opinion of indicators and trendlines into trading signals and orders.

Tactic orders

Watch this video: "Tactic Orders"


Orders can be placed and managed via the charts. This can be done in several ways from simply dragging orders to different price levels to using the famous one-click Tactic Buttons. You can also place orders on your trendlines.

Order trendline


Clicking the Buy or Sell buttons in the chart opens the classic order ticket. This trader intends to place a market order. He has selected to automatically place target and stop orders once his position is open. These are the horizontal red lines. Uniquely it is possible to already slide these orders in the chart to, for example, support and resistance levels! In the case of CFDs and forex this is done with Parent & Contingent orders as shown below. The target is +0,4% and the stop (the maximum risk) is -0,2%. In the case of futures bracket orders are placed by using the TradeGuard.

Order ticket trading