NanoTrader is the only trading platform that can handle trading strategies which fade in and out of positions in more than two steps. It is also the only platform capable of automatically adapting the fade out order quantities in function of the number of fade in positions. This trader bought 4 contracts. One has already been sold. The three remaining each have a sell order at a different price level. The stop order has automatically adapted to the remaining 3 contracts.

Building positions


Clients can propose tools and indicators. WH SelfInvest will program these client proposals and insert them in the platform.

Trading indicators and tools


Compound Symbols is an easy way to analyse the relation between two or more financial instruments. This functionality is suitable for intermarket analyses (e.g. Dow Jones versus DAX) and pairs trading (one stock against another or against its index). A real-time chart of the compound symbol is drawn. Technical indicators can be added. Another classic compound symbol is 'Gold price divided by EUR/USD exchange rate'. This gives a real-time chart of the gold price but in EUR.

Pairs trading


NanoTrader allows you to design your own screeners (overnight) and scanners (live intraday) or you can use the integrated ones. Some traders sell their screeners and scanners in the trading store. Uniquely, when you launch your scanner the previous signals and their results are also visible. This opens the opportunity to open a position on a signal which is going in the right direction. It also gives a first impression of the quality of the scanner's signals.

Screener scanner


TwinCharts allows traders to link charts which are in different time frames. A trendchannel drawn in the day chart, for example, will also appear in the main chart. Or an order placed on a support or resistance level in the day chart will also appear in the main chart and vice versa. The yellow area in the bottom chart corresponds to the full area of the top chart.

Trading time frames


NanoTrader is one of the few platforms which is capable of handling the aggregation of indicators. The trader working in a 15-minute chart would like to see his indicators in the charts but based on a 60-minute timeframe because this gives a longer horizon. This combination of elements in different time frames in the same chart is possible.

Trading indicator aggregated