CFD orders
Shares from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland 0,07%
minimum € 7 (1)
Shares from Hong Kong, Singapore 0,40%
minimum € 7 (1)
Shares from US Markets, incl. ADR, ETF and Canada $ 0,027 per CFD share
minimum $ 7 (1)
Indices, gold, silver, oil, wheat, bund ... discount € 3 per order (2)(3)
regardless of order size
Telephone orders no surcharge

(1) Minimum Commissions in other currencies will be calculated in the base currency of the underlying stock and will be slightly higher.
(2) CFD on the Italian market index only € 3 per order + transaction tax on both sides.
(3) The commission is applied in the currency of the underlying instrument. E.g. € on CFD Dax and $ on CFD Dow. Conversion rates are updated regularly but can vary from the spot rate at the time of the order.



Forex orders
Spot forex (spread-based) free
Spot forex (commission-based)(1) discount 0,035 per $ 1.000
Forex options free
Telephone orders no surcharge

(1) The commission and how it is applied depends on the choice of trading platform.


WHS TechScan (scannner for stocks, forex and indices) free
Account administration (only applicable to Luxemburg accounts)(1) € 39 per quarter

(1) WHS reserves the right to apply an administrative charge of € 15 per quarter on client accounts which have not executed an order within the last 24 months.

There are no additional costs. VAT, where applicable, is included.


Trading platforms
WHS NanoTrader Free - compare platforms free
WHS NanoTrader Full - compare platforms € 29 (1) per month
WHS MT4 or Advantage - compare platforms free
Option: cloud trading solution (VPS) information € 60 (2) per month

(1) WHS NanoTrader Free and Full users can also use all platform versions for web, tablet and mobile phones with the same username and password.

(2) € 35 if you do 1 trade per day.
€ 10 if you do 2 trades per day.
A trade consists of a buy and a sell order on 2 futures contracts, a CFD or a standard forex contract.
1 trade per day or a total of 21 trades per month.
2 trades per day or a total of 42 trades per month.
Price excludes VAT.