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Best broker according to broker comparisons, many awards.

Broker comparison: The best broker year after year

Best broker 98/100 (05.2022)

Broker comparison Fuchs: WH SelfInvest is the best broker.

"If you are not happy at WH SelfInvest, you will not be happy anywhere else." wrote the Fuchs Report. This rigorous broker study using mystery shoppers gave your broker a top score of 98/100. In addition, WH SelfInvest is the best broker on the "Eternal Best Brokers" list.

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Best CFD Forex broker + Best trading platform (02.2022)

Best broker and best trading platform according to the Deutsches Kundeninstitut.

The 'Best CFD-Forex Broker' is a very nice award. Especially when it is the German consumer association (DKI), which expreses this opinion. Equally fantastic is the award for our in-house trading platform NanoTrader. The 'Best Trading Platform' (FREE demo) is a very clear statement!

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Seven years in a row (04.2021)

WH SelfInvest wins Brokerwahl broker comparison.

"Best Futures Broker" for seven consecutive years. "Top 3 CFD-Forex broker" for seven consecutive year. For us this is a reward. For you, this means the best order execution, an unbeatable trading platform, a legendary service and really low rates.

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Forever the best broker (03.2021)

WH SelfInvest is the best broker according to the German Fuchs Report.

Once again, WH SelfInvest has received a Top Broker ranking in the FuchsBriefe Broker Comparison 2021 AND on the list of 'Eternally Best Brokers'.

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German Consumer Institute: Broker market study (02.2021)

Best broker according to DKI study.

The respected Deutsches Kundeninstitut has finished its annual broker market study. DKI awarded WH SelfInvest first place. Best mobile trading platform (free demo here), most beloved by traders and the fairest CFD broker were all awarded to WH SelfInvest.

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« Respect ! » (08.2020)

Best broker comparison

The reputed finance magazine "€uro am Sonntag" tested 12 CFD-Forex brokers on more than 750 criteria. This detailed broker comparison concludes WH SelfInvest is the best broker and the company is rated "the overall winner". The broker scored well across all categories and achieved exceptional scores in the key categories: trading platform, order execution and order possibilities. With these words €uro am Sonntag confirms WH SelfInvest is the best broker: “The winner is, again, WH SelfInvest. The fourth year in a row. Respect!”.

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Crisis-resistant CFD broker (04.2020)

Corona Krisenfester Broker.

The renowned Deutsches Kundeninstitut writes: "Especially in these wild times, it is good to know that you are in good hands with a reliable partner. Trust is king in times of crisis. Moreover, you are so far the only broker with enough positive ratings for the seal."


Facts speak louder than words (04.2020)

Brokerwahl results 2020.

Six years in a row voted "Nr. 1 Futures Broker". Four years in a row voted "Nr. 2 CFD Broker". Six years consistently in the Top 3. Open an account and discover how good WH SelfInvest is. It will completely change your trading experience.


Four perfect scores (02.2020)

DKI: broker comparison.

The consumer organisation Deutsches Kundeninstitut published the results of its annual broker comparison. Due to its all-round perfect performance WH SelfInvest obtained the categories “Fairest CFD Broker”, “Traders Favourite” and “Trading Platform”. With perfect scores (5/5) in the categories order execution, order possibilities and overall satisfaction WH SelfInvest was awarded, once again, the label “Very Good”. The legendary service was also labelled “Very Good”.


This broker's offer undoubtedly satisfies every trader's wishes (01.2020)

Broker comparison.

Fuchs Briefe just published their annual consumer report based on mystery shoppers. WH SelfInvest is the “Best Broker for 2020” and the number 1 on their “Consistently Best Brokers” list. With a score of 97/100 WH SelfInvest is rated as outstanding. Fuchs writes “We are particularly impressed with the following: WH SelfInvest lives and breathes personal contact.  When we call, we always reach a human being and never get an answering system.” The broker report concludes “WH SelfInvest is once more the yardstick by which others should be measured. This applies to the highly professional trading platform and even more so to the perfect personal service. This broker's offer undoubtedly satisfies every trader's wishes.”


"Best order execution" and "Best broker" (07.2019)

Broker comparison.

The influential German magazine €uro am Sonntag compared 12 German CFD-Forex brokers. Once again WH SelfInvest was declared the best CFD-Forex broker. Of crucial importance for CFD-Forex traders is the pricing and the order execution. WH SelfInvest is first in both these categories!


First place in 14(!) service categories (06.2019)

Investment Trends.

The Investment Trends research company has a reputation for delivering the most respected broker comparison. The conclusion from talking to more than 5.000 traders is clear: "WH SelfInvest leads the [brokerage] industry in overall clients satisfaction and in 14 of the 16 key service areas measured."

  • Customer service
  • Value for money
  • Quality of execution
  • Spreads
  • Trading platform features
  • Risk management tools
  • Trading ideas and strategies
  • Commissions
  • Education materials and programs
  • Range of markets and forex pairs
  • Ease of use of platform
  • Reliability of trading platform
  • Leverage and margin requirements
  • Charting
"The best service, the best platform, the best order execution whilst still being declared the leader in low commissions, low spreads and value for money. This is what we want to deliver and what we promise to deliver even more in the future." stated Pascal Hirtz, founder of WH SelfInvest.

Best futures broker in France... third time in a row (04.2019)

DKI 2019

During this year's Technical Analysis fair in Paris WH SelfInvest was awarded for the third time in a row the Grand Prix de l'Excellence, Best Futures Broker. The award was handed over during the 20th edition of the fair, which was exceptionally held at the foot of the Eiffel tower to mark the occasion. WH SelfInvest itself celebrated its 20th birthday last year.


First and second place for WH SelfInvest (04.2019)

DKI 2019

In the annual Brokerwahl traders voted WH SelfInvest as "Nr. 1 Futures Broker" and "Nr. 2 CFD Broker". For an incredible five times in six years WH SelfInvest is considered the best futures broker, beating all competitors by a wide margin. In CFDs WHSelfInvest came only 0,1 behind this year's first-placed broker. Clients are extremely satisfied with the low commissions, outstanding order execution and the legendary service. A big thank you to EVERY person who voted for WH SelfInvest.


WH SelfInvest is extremely good (01.2019)

DKI 2019

"With great pleasure we inform you that WH SelfInvest obtains a final note of 5 out of 5 stars and finishes with the score "extremely good". Congratulations!". These are WH SelfInvest's results in the different categories:

  • Order execution: 5 out of 5 stars. Score: "extremely good".
  • Trading platform: 5 out of 5 stars. Score: "extremely good".
  • Mobile platforms: 5 out of 5 stars. Score: "extremely good".
  • Service: 5 out of 5 stars. Score: "extremely good".
  • Orderpossibilities: 5 out of 5 stars. Score: "extremely good".


Technical analysts prefer WH SelfInvest (01.2019)


The German association of technical analysts (VTAD) polled its members for their preferred broker. WH SelfInvest is the members' clear favourite due to its excellent trading platform NanoTrader containing many free technical analysis tools. Source: VTAD.


Nr. 1 on the "consistently best brokers" list (01.2019)


The renowned Fuchs Briefe have again ranked WH SelfInvest as "Top-Broker". With the maximum points in the sub-categories "offer", "service" and "education" and a total of 96 out of 100 points the rating is "Excellent". "The performance is first-class, NanoTrader is outstanding and the personal client service sets benchmarks for the industry."

With the best average score of over no less than 7 years, WH SelfInvest maintains the 1st place in the prestigous "Consitently Best Brokers" list.


WH SelfInvest is the clear leader (06.2018)


WH SelfInvest is the clear leader in overall client satisfaction. We have never seen client satisfaction ratings this high.” states Irene Guiamatsia, Research Director, Investment Trends.

Besides having the "highest overall client satisfaction", WHS is ranked #1 in no less than 10 out of 16 categories:

  • Customer service,
  • Quality of order execution,
  • Trading platform,
  • Ease of use of platform,
  • Reliability of trading platform,
  • Risk management tools,
  • Range of instruments and currency pairs,
  • Education materials and programs,
  • Charting,
  • Trading ideas and strategies.

You are the best broker (02.2018)

DKI 2018

"With great pleasure we inform you that WH SelfInvest obtains a final note of 5 out of 5 stars and finishes with the BEST score "extremely good". You are the best CFD-Broker 2018 - Congratulations!"

These are WH SelfInvest's results in the different categories:

  • Order execution: 5 out of 5 stars, extremely good.
  • Trading platform: 5 out of 5 stars, extremely good.
  • Mobile platforms: 5 out of 5 stars, extremely good.
  • Customer service: 5 out of 5 stars, extremely good.

Nr. 1 on the "consistently best brokers" list (01.2018)


"WH SelfInvest defends its first rank. The broker convinces with perfect client service, professional trading platforms and large product offer. WH SelfInvest remains the broker benchmark."

WH SelfInvest has the best average score over six years and is therefore also ranked #1 on the very prestigious and coveted "consistently best brokers" list. Read the full report.


Try the NanoTrader trading platform.

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WHS is the "Overall Winner" (07.2017)


The reputed finance magazine "€uro am Sonntag" extensively tested 11 CFD brokers on 758 criteria. In this test -the most extensive test of the brokerage sector- WH SelfInvest was confirmed once more as being the best broker.

The offer was rated as good value for money. According to the test WH SelfInvest has the best

  • order execution,
  • trading platform, and
  • education materials.

WHS has the "Highest overall client satisfaction" (07.2017)


"WH SelfInvest leads in overall client satisfaction and takes top spot in the majority of service elements measured in the study." The Investment Trends report, based on the opinion of more than 7.000 traders, indicates that WH SelfInvest has the "highest overall client satisfaction" and ranks #1 in 9 important categories:

  • Quality of order execution.
  • Customer service.
  • Trading platform functionalities.
  • Range of instruments and forex pairs.
  • Risk management tools.
  • Trading platform stability.
  • Trading ideas and strategies.
  • Educational programs.
  • Charting.

Everything the active investor needs (06.2017)


"Everything the active investors needs, united in one broker!" In a broker test performed by the prestigious German Consumer Institute, broker WH SelfInvest was awarded 5 stars. In addition WH SelfInvest was declared the "Overall winner" of the test.

The German Consumer Institute praises:

  • the competitive rates,
  • the legendary service,
  • the excellent trading platform, and
  • the impeccable order execution.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland choose WH SelfInvest (04.2017)


In one of the main German language broker comparisons active investors voted WH SelfInvest "Nr. 1 Futures Broker" and "Nr. 3 CFD Broker". For five years in a row now WH SelfInvest is the only broker who has consistently achieved a Top 3 position in both these major broker disciplines.

There is no cheaper broker for futures offering the same high-speed technology and order execution. There is no CFD broker with a lower spread on the DAX and on the DOW.

Technical Analysis Fair: Best Futures Broker (04.2017)


During the prestigious 2017 Technical Analysis Fair a jury of professional traders awarded WH SelfInvest the "Grand Prix de l'Excellence : Meilleur Courtier Futures". By awarding WH SelfInvest this professional accolade the jury confirms the:

  • Legendary service,
  • Low commissions,
  • High-speed order execution, and
  • The NanoTrader trading platform.