Trade simple strategies for beginners

Trade simple strategies for beginners

Range leader S&P 500

Learning how to trade works best with simple trading strategies. Strategies can be ‘simple’ in many different ways. Below are some examples of simple strategies which are integrated in the NanoTrader platform and which clients can use for free ...

This trading strategy developed by Charlie F. Wright is considered a good strategy for beginners as it includes all the basic principles of trading. Range Leader S&P 500 is included for free in the NanoTrader platform.

Fixed point in time strategies

Strategies which may or may not give a signal every day at the same point in time are interesting for novice traders. They allow traders to be prepared with the right order and give frequent signals to practice. Examples: EUR/USD 7h30 – 22h30, Morning Angler and 21h52.

Morning buy

Morning Buy EU and Morning Buy US are two trading strategies which are suitable for beginners. They are available for free in the NanoTrader platform. Limited risk, comprehensible and good results are the hallmarks of these two strategies.

Trading signals

Besides using strategies it is also possible to start with a trading signal. Signals are easy to use and you can simply manage the open position with a stop and a target order. A good example are the signals based on the Heikin Ashi indicator candles.