CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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Many little details make NanoTrader unique and easy to use. These are some examples:

Workspace buttons

The workspace buttons allow traders to create and save different trading screens. All screens update in real-time even if they are not visible. By clicking these buttons traders can  cycle through their screens. These buttons are extremely useful for traders with a single computer screen or a small laptop. This trader, for example, has four trading screens.

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Chat in the platform

Clients can chat directly with our support desk via the trading platform. We are known for our legendary service.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Order executions are visible in the chart

Traders can opt to see their executed orders in the chart. The little green line indicates the entry price, which is also visible to the right. The +1 indicates the trader bought 1 future. A stop loss order (red line) limits his risk.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Lay-out transfer

Complete platform lay-outs, including signals and other automation instructions, can be transferred from one trader to another. Attach a lay-out file to an e-mail and send it. The recipient drags the lay-out file onto his open NanoTrader. Both traders now see the same lay-out.

Your statistics

Increase your profit... analyze your trades. The daytrading statistics tool generates a quality report of your trades. The report includes detailed statistics and a graphics. All data can be exported to Excel in one click.

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Free trading platform demo real-time quotes.

Free permanent demo!

Every client gets a free permanent demo account. Everything is kept simple. One log in to launch the trading platform. When placing an order the trader selects his real account or his demo account. The demo can be used to get familiar with the platform, test strategies and try new ideas.

Bracket orders (contingent orders)

This trader is placing a market order. By selecting "Add Contingent Orders" he instructs the platform to automatically place a target and a stop loss order. These are the red lines in the chart.

It is possible to grab and slide the order lines in the chart. Here the trader selects a support and a resistance level for his target and stop loss order respectively.

If the target or the stop is executed, the remaining order is cancelled automatically. This is called 'OCO', one cancels other.

Video: Placing bracket orders

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The economic calendar

The release of scheduled economic figures can significantly increase volatility. Every trader needs a good calendar which explains each figure and its potential impact. The economic calendar is free and updates in real-time.

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Free books on trading and scalping.

The trading store

The release of scheduled economic figures can significantly increase volatility. Every trader needs a good calendar which explains each figure and its potential impact. The economic calendar is free and updates in real-time. Visit the trading store

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Recording and playback

Recording allows the trader to record a trading day. Besides the market prices the recording function also records the movements in the order book. Playback allows the trader to play a recording and trade on it. The recording can be accelerated or slowed down. Playback also allows the trader to replay part of a chart.

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Simulation ticker

The markets are closed during the weekend. During the weekend many people have spare time to work on their trading skills. NanoTrader solves this dilemma with a simulation ticker. The simulation ticker moves like a financial instrument. The trader can use the ticker on random settings or set its speed, direction and volatility.

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Seminars, webinars and trading library

Definitely useful for active investors... WH SelfInvest regularly organizes trading seminars and webinars. These events are usually free and benefit both novice and experienced traders. The webinars often have famous traders as guest speakers.

Register for FREE trading webinars

Register for FREE trading seminars

In the electronic library readers can find e-books on trading, monthly economic reports and trading guides. There are e-books in English, French, Dutch and German.

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