Trading tools
Buy stop orders and stop loss orders.

Trading tools for clients

Finding live trades


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies. Interesting trades can be replicated in one click. All trades are visible in the platform, on the internet and in an app.

These are the advantages of the SignalRadar:

  • FREE.
  • Find interesting live trades and jump on.
  • See if strategies are long or short.
  • See which markets are being traded.
  • Observe professional traders.
  • Trade based on logic, not on feeling.
  • Improve your trading skills.
  • Enjoy your trading.

Discover the exceptional SignalRadar.

Test the free SignalRadar app:

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Trading opportunities à la carte


Trading tool TechScan.

TechScan is an automated technical analysis tool. The tool analyses 10 stock markets, 130 forex pairs and 15 market indices every day. These markets are analyzed using over 100 indicators, statistical information and trading strategies.

These are the advantages of the TechScan:

  • FREE.
  • Easy to use.
  • Updates automatically.
  • Beautiful charts and graphics.
  • Huge technical analysis arsenal.
  • All major markets are analyzed.
  • No programming.

Explore the easy-to-use TechScan.

What other traders want


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Client proposals are always quickly integrated in the NanoTrader. More than 30 tools and indicators proposed by clients are available. For example:

  • WL Bars.
  • Bollinger volatility explosion.
  • Donchian channel.
  • Heikin Ashi Histogram.

The benefits of client proposals:

  • FREE.
  • See what other traders do.
  • Reliable programming done for you.
  • Use tools tested by other traders.
  • Propose your own tools.

Discover all client proposals.

60 Free trading strategies ready-to-trade


Free trading strategies.

Complete trading strategies are available in the NanoTrader. The strategies were developed by many different traders. Programming is not required. They are easy to use. Some examples:

  • MAD rebound.
  • T-line scalping.
  • Open trade.
  • Break-out SuperTrend.

The benefits of complete strategies:

  • FREE.
  • Quick start.
  • Easy to use.
  • Designed by (famous) traders.
  • The strategies can be modified.
  • Strategies for every trading style.
  • Trade based on logic, not emotion.
  • Trade manually or (semi-)automatically.
  • FREE.

See all trading strategies.


Free trading platform demo real-time quotes.

Automated Fibonacci lines


Drawing Fibonacci levels.

The Fibonacci drawing tool draws Fibonacci levels for you. This exceptional tool identifies the trend and automatically draws the correct Fibonacci levels when it considers the trend has ended.

The benefits of automated Fibonacci drawing:

  • FREE.
  • Save a lot of time.
  • Choose the trend indicator.
  • Trade on the correct Fibonacci levels.

Discover automated Fibonacci drawing.

Reading material


Free e-books on trading to download.

The trading library contains free e-books and reports for traders and active investors. New e-books are regularly added.

The benefits of the trading library:

  • FREE.
  • Discover topics you do not know.
  • Keep up-to-date.
  • Learn to trade.

Browse the trading library.

Chart patterns


Automated chart pattern recognition.

Chart patterns are detected automatically by the NanoTrader. Currently more than 10 chart patterns are available. For example:

  • Hammer blast pattern.
  • Gap reversal pattern.
  • 1-2-3-4 pattern.

The benefits of detecting patterns:

  • FREE.
  • Save a lot of time.
  • Never miss a good chart pattern.
  • Automate orders based on patterns.
  • No programming.
All chart patterns NanoTrader detects.

Professional drawing tools


Drawing the zigzag trend.

The zigzag drawing tools support the trading strategies of some well-known traders. They are a practical starting point for clients who have read a book or attended a seminar of these traders and who are now ready to start trading. The following are currently available:

The benefits of these drawing tools:

  • FREE.
  • Automated drawing.
  • Draw quickly, without error.
  • Implement trader strategies.
  • Use the tool in your own strategies.

Information and videos about the drawing tools.

Pairs trading


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Pairs trading tools are available in the platform. Pairs trading is a swing trading strategy which tries to generate profits based on low risk trades. Long-short trading is another name for this strategy.

Pairs trading explained.

Free books on trading and scalping.

Stay in contact with other traders


Trading forum.

Our trading forum is free and moderated in four languages.

To the forum.

Trade in group


Group trading beats social trading.

Group trading is both beneficial and enjoyable. NanoTrader has a ‘group trading’ functionality which allows traders to trade together in a virtual group in real-time.

To the group trading website.

Trading signals


Free trading signals.

Trading signals are available in the NanoTrader. They are easy to use. Programming is not required. More than 10 trading signals are currently available. For example:

The benefits of trading signals:

  • FREE.
  • Open a position automatically.
  • Manage the position yourself.
  • Signals for every trading style.
  • The signals can be modified.
  • Integrate signals in your strategy.
  • No programming.
See ALL trading signals.

Indicators generate orders


Automated orders based on technical analysis indicators.

Tactic Orders convert your chosen indicators into automated orders. Programming is not required. Simply set your criteria, activate and NanoTrader does the rest.

These are the benefits of Tactic Orders:

  • FREE.
  • Every combination is possible.
  • Automate your idea, override your feelings.
  • Stop orders can be added.
  • No programming.
Video: Automated trading with Tactic Orders.

The trading store


Trading store NanoTrader.

The trading store contains a wide variety of FREE and paying trading tools. All tools are integrated in the trading platform. Many of the tools are offered by well-known traders. For example:

  • LiveStatistics.
  • Trailing targets.
  • Longlife stops.
  • Wolfram, Schäfermeier, Cene, Voigt...

Visit the trading store.