CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Placing orders from the chart.

Orders can be placed in various ways

To accommodate every trader and every trading style, orders can be placed in many different ways. But ... the order execution will always be high speed and error free.

Order tickets

The order ticket is the traditional way of placing an order. Unique is the fact that while you place a stop order or a limit order, you already see the line in the chart. You can grab the line and visually slide it to the perfect price level. Quick, easy and precise!

Broker with best order execution.

Bracket orders (contingent orders)

Bracket orders (contingent orders).

Clicking the Buy or Sell buttons in the chart opens the order ticket. This trader is placing a market order. By selecting "Add Contingent Orders" he instructs the platform to automatically place a target and a stop order after he launches his market order. These are the horizontal red lines. It is possible to slide these orders in the chart.

In this example the trader placed his target on a resistance level and his stop on a support level.

If either the target or the stop order is executed, the remaining order is cancelled automatically. This is called 'OCO', one cancels other.

The TradeWizard

Novices placing their first orders can use the trade wizard. The wizard takes the trader step-by-step through the order process. An error is not possible. Furthermore, every client has a free permanent demo to practice placing orders.

Semi-automated and automated orders

In semi-automated trading the trader opens the position manually and instructs the platform to close the position automatically when his criteria are met. In automated trading the platform opens and closes positions automatically.

The SpeedTrader

The order book

Order book futures market.

The Speedtrader consists of the order book and the orderpad.

Orders can be placed directly in the order book. One click in the relevant column is sufficient to place the order at the desired price level.

The orderpad

Orderpad NanoTrader.

The orderpad offers 8 buttons for placing one-click orders and 4 buttons for managing orders. The following one-click buttons for placing orders are available:

  • Buy at market price.
  • Sell at market price.
  • Buy one lot.
  • Sell one lot.
  • Reverse position (switch a long position into a short sell position or vice versa).
  • Double position.
  • Keep buy limit always on the bid price (to avoid the spread).
  • Keep sell limit always on the ask price (to avoid the spread).

Orders via the charts

The buy and sell buttons

Buy and sell buttons in NanoTrader to place orders quickly.

Every chart shows the very practical Buy/Sell buttons. They are one of the most popular methods of placing an order.

The ChartTrader

The Charttrader.

The ChartTrader can be added to every chart. By clicking in the ChartTrader market, limit and stop orders can be placed in one click.

It is also possible to link orders (OCO, one cancels other) via the ChartTrader. If one order is executed, the other order is automatically cancelled.

Sliding orders and cancelling orders

Sliding and cancelling orders in the chart.

Traders can grab any working order in the chart and simply slide it to a new price level. There is no need to cancel and replace.

Right-click an order in the chart to cancel it.


Tactic tools

Tactic Buttons = Surgical precision

Tactic Buttons in NanoTrader.

The blue Tactic Buttons allow traders to manage orders and positions with great speed and precision. One click is sufficient to:

  • Convert a stop order into a trailing stop or a break-even stop.
  • Raise the stop level one tick.
  • Lower the stop level one tick.
  • Join the bid.
  • Join the ask.
  • Bid +1.
  • Ask -1
The trader decides which buttons are visible.

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Tactic Orders = Convert indicator signals into orders

Technical analysis indicators to place orders.

The Tactic Orders tool is an easy method to trade (semi-)automatically.

Tactic Orders is particularly suitable for traders who use a lot of technical indicators. The trader simply clicks to define clear instructions. For example: "buy or short sell if all my indicators are bullish or bearish" or "only buy and only when the majority of my indicators is bullish". The orders can be placed automatically or after confirmation by the trader.

Video: Automated trading with Tactic Orders.

Time-based orders

'Good after time' orders

Market, stop and limit orders with the time parameter 'Good After Time' are activated at a particular point in time chosen by the trader.

'Good between' orders

Market, stop and limit orders with the time parameter 'Good Between' are activated and afterwards cancelled at the times chosen by the trader.

Most trading platforms are simply not capable of handling time-based orders. In the case of CFD-Forex orders the PC must be on. These are the advantages of time-based orders:

  • Orders are placed at a time of your choice.
  • Orders are cancelled at a time of your choice.
  • You don't have to wait behind your trading platform to place an order.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free.