A user-friendly platform

The NanoTrader platform comes in two versions: NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full. Every month new functionalities are added. Client proposals are always added as soon as possible.

Although the possibilities are almost unlimited, NanoTrader is one of the easiest platforms to use. In fact, 68% of all clients (source: Investment Trends) say that one of the reasons they chose WHS is the user-friendliness of the platform.

Two examples to illustrate ease of use

Question: Can I use my technical analysis indicators to trigger my orders?

Yes. This trader has three indicators. He accepts buy and short sell signals on the condition his three indicators are unanimously bullish or bearish. The position can be opened automatically or after approval by the trader.

Automated orders based on technical analysis indicators.

Question: The market price is above my entry price. Can my stop loss order automatically move up to my entry price so I cannot lose any more?

Yes, choose a BETrail (break-even trail) stop loss order. There are 15 types of stop loss orders to choose from. NanoTrader will move your stop loss order (red line) automatically to your break-even level.

Automatically move my order to the break-even level.

Vast resources are available to get you quickly up to speed using the platform. Videos, webinars, individual platform coaching, a workshop... you choose. In no time you will be able to do exactly what you have in mind.

A platform for every trader

NanoTrader can handle every trading style: scalping, day trading, swing trading, strategy trading,  automated trading...Traders can simply combine all ready-to-use components into their own trading strategy. Programming is not necessary.

A wide range of markets

Via NanoTrader you can trade more than 10.000 instruments at the best conditions 
CFDs – All major market indices and a wide range of thematic indices.
CFDs on stocks – Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the USA.
CFDs on commodities – Precious metals, oil and gas, interest rates, bonds, agriculture and grains, various.
FOREX – 79 forex pairs (spread-based forex and commission-based forex).
FUTURES and options – All the main futures markets (Eurex, CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, ICE EU and ICE US).
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Sensational platform features

Free trading platform demo.
Is NanoTrader the best trading platform?


Question: Is it possible to have multiple stops and profit targets on the same position?

Absolutely, NanoTrader is the only trading platform in the world, which can handle more than two stops and two targets. In this example the trader originally bought four contracts (+4). One has been sold with a profit (-1). The three remaining contracts each have a different profit target. The stop loss order has automatically adapted to sell three.

Multiple stops and targets.

Question: Can I combine different stop order types on the same position?

Yes, different stop loss orders can be combined. The NanoTrader (demo) keeps the safest stop as the active stop. In this example the trader combines a trailing stop with a stop based on the crossing moving average indicator. The position is closed with a profit by the trailing stop order.

Combining different stop loss orders.

Question: Is automated trading possible?

Yes. Both fully automated and semi-automated trading is possible. Free trading strategies are included in the platform. Traders can also build their own trading strategies. Thousands of ready-to-use components can be combined without programming.

Question: Can I add time instructions to my orders?

Yes, time instructions are easy. Only execute the order during a particular period? Close a position at particular point in time? Everything is possible.

Is NanoTrader the best trading platform?

Mobile trading

Free mobile trading platform demo.

The desktop platform is our in-house NANOTRADER (demo). Tablet and mobile phone platforms are also available. The web platform is the popular TRADINGVIEW (demo) platform. CFDs and Forex can all be traded on these platforms.

With the same username and password clients can simply switch between these platforms.

CFD-Forex traders can also choose the MT4 trading platform. Futures traders can also choose ATAS, Volfix, Sierra Charts, NinjaTrader, Trade Navigator and other platforms.

Supported by a legendary service

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Confirmed by awards

The NanoTrader's user-friendliness and high-speed order execution are confirmed in broker comparisons and broker industry studies.

The best trading platform confirmed by awards.

Stunning CHARTS and technical analysis

NanoTrader has a breathtaking range of charts and tools:
Available chart typesCharting video
Drawing tools
Client proposals
Chart patterns
The trading store

The CFD-Forex charts are 100% consistent

The price you see in the charts is the price on which you can trade. Contrary to many other brokers we do not show prices which are different from the prices on which you trade. Unlike IG Markets, for example, our charts are not based on the mid price. You cannot trade on the mid price and technical analysis is not correct.

The charts in the trading platform are consistent.

The Futures charts are tick-by-tick

Clients get real tick-by-tick quotes. When you trade without them, you will lose. Range Bars, tick charts, renko charts and point-and-figure charts are wrong without real tick-by-tick quotes. All technical analysis is wrong without tick-by-tick quotes!

Did you know?

Free real-time quotes are provided to our CFD-Forex and Futures clients.

Every client gets a free permanent demo account.

Trading strategies and signals

The largest offer of free trading strategies, signals and tools
Trading strategies
The ultimate source of trading signals... SignalRadar
Trading signals
Screeners and scanners
Mail & Click service based on Investui
The trading store


SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies. Interesting trades can be  copied in one click. SignalRadar is free.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.


TechScan analyses every market. In clear tables and beautiful charts TechScan provides traders with forex, indices, stocks... on which something interesting is happening. Techscan is extremely easy to use. This automated technical analysis is free.

Automated technical analysis tool.

Why clients choose WH SelfInvest

  1. Founded in 1998. Not a market maker. We have no conflict of interest with our clients.
  2. The company has no debt and more than 16.000.000 Euro in share capital.
  3. The client assets are segregated and held at well-known depository banks.
  4. Regulated by CSSF, BaFIN, AFM, ACPR, Finma, Banque de France and other trustworthy authorities.
  5. Do you have 10 minutes? Opening an account online is easy

Robust recommendations

More than 20 well-known traders in six different countries use NanoTrader. This is no coincidence.

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Free trading platform demo.