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Futures Trading

Trade futures with one of the largest futures brokers in Europe. Profit from all-inclusive discount packs. Receive tick-by-tick quotes.

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CFD-Forex Trading

Access a gigantic product range. Trade CFDs at real market prices. Benefit from very narrow spreads.

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Save a lot of money. Pay zero commission when buying stocks and options. Orders always executed at the best market price.

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Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies (85)

Many strategies were created by well-known traders. Trade the strategies manually or automatically. New strategies are added regularly.


The SignalRadar


SignalRadar shows trades done by trading strategies. The trades are visible in the charts. Find trades that are going well and jump on the bandwagon.


Client Proposals

Client Proposals (63)

Propose a trading tool or an indicator. Our team will insert the proposal in the trading platform. All clients can use the tool or indicator.


Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns (11)

Detect chart patterns automatically and use them as a trading signal. Design your own pattern or use patterns from famous traders.


Fuchs Report - awards
“If you are not happy at WH SelfInvest, you will not be happy anywhere else.”
Fuchs Report
Deutsche Kundeninstitut (DKI) - awards
The “Best CFD-Forex Broker” and the “Best Trading Platform“.
Deutsche Kundeninstitut (DKI)
€uro am Sonntag - awards
“The winner is again WH SelfInvest. For the sixth year in a row. Respect!"
€uro am Sonntag
Trading Signals

Trading Signals (17)

Use these trading signals or insert them in your own strategy. Trade the signals manually or automate them.



Screeners (30)

Identify instruments that can be traded. Look at market indices, forex, gold, European and US stocks.


Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools (2)

Draw in the chart like some of your favourite traders. Avoid drawing errors when emulating their strategies.


Trading Store

Trading Store (76)

Copy famous traders. Select their free and paying tools and strategies in our unique trading store.



29/09/2023 Des fins de mois moins difficiles ? 
01/10/2023 Tradebesprechung - Was ist Lust und was ist Pflicht? (mit Michael Voigt und Jochen Schmidt)  
02/10/2023 Wo liegen Chancen in dieser Handelswoche? Großer Marktausblick für DAX, Dow, Gold und Aktien 
New ordertypes – 9/2023

French trader Eric Lefort focuses on price impulses. Lefort wanted to make more profit from his favorite impulses. He designed three new order types, one profit target and two stop orders. Eric Lefort is very happy with the results. His new orders can be activated via the store.

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Eric Lefort intelligent orders.
Profit from AI – 9/2023

You too can profit from the artificial intelligence revolution. The new AI Stock-Box is now available over at Freestoxx. This new stock portfolio uses the same method as our Nasdaq Stock-Box. The Nasdaq Stock-Box returned more than 200% since 2016.

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AI Stocks